AdvisorTouch Solutions

AdvisorTouch delivers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you create an integrated practice with
systems and processes to help you grow in efficiency as you grow your business.



Symphony integrates all the solutions AdvisorTouch offers and delivers them in a single, comprehensive digital training platform to help you systematically
manage your firm’s operations and growth.

Symphony includes access to workflows, practice management courses, Collabrative, and College Planning courses



Collaborative gives you a private network to collaborate with other financial professionals working through the same business challenges as you. Develop relationships, get answers from trusted sources, and access exclusive AdvisorTouch member content.


Provide your advisors with access to veteran coaching, consulting, and help them renew their ability to manage clients effectively. Our systems and processes will help your advisors create a consistent, high level of service.


Focus on your clients, not on checklists. Our workflows and template system reproduces the decades of experience that our founder, Deborah Fox, has in running her own planning firm, and provides you with the tools to operate with the same efficiency.

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