About AdvisorTouch

How We Started

Fox Financial Planning Network, an industry leader in practice management, technology and efficiency tools, has partnered with two other top industry service providers, True North Networks and National Regulatory Services (NRS) to provide you with specific guidance for successfully implementing automated investment services (AIS) technology within your business. The combination of these companies has created something powerful and entirely new.

What We Do

AdvisorTouch offers a step-by-step, multi-media training program that provides you with access to a wealth of resources to help you successfully implement and leverage an automated investment service platform. AdvisorTouch provides the guidance and tools necessary for you effectively leverage the technology for the greatest ROI according to your own business model, quickly and easily. Services are available to financial advisory firms as well as enterprises, such as large RIAs, custodians and broker / dealers.

Learning Modules

The program is delivered through the following multi-media learning modules:

Topics Include:

  • 01

    Building a Strategy

  • 02

    How to Get Started

  • 03

    Choosing Your Target Market(s).

  • 04

    Marketing Plan

  • 05

    Marketing Methods

  • 06

    How to Charge for Services

  • 07

    Messaging for the Service Offering

  • 08

    How to Set up the Platform (Including Integrations)

  • 09

    How to Manage the New Platform

  • 10

    Establishing Your Offering of Investment Portfolios

  • 11

    How to Run the Platform as a Separate Business

  • 12

    How to Use the Platform as Part of Everyday Business

  • 13

    Compliance and Updating Your ADV

  • 14

    How to Register the Platform (If Applicable)

  • 15

    Potential Cyber Security Issues

  • 16

    How to Address Customer/Client Service for the Platform

  • 17

    What if Something Goes Wrong?

  • 18

    What to do if the Platform Doesn’t Perform

  • 19

    Pulling it all Together

  • 20

    Ongoing Management of the Platform and Services