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Does it sometimes feel like you're trying to find your way out of the woods but don't see the path?

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Complete Workflow Library

NexGen Workflow Library

Total of 52 workflows

We Install the Workflows in Redtail or Wealthbox CRM


We realized after numerous attempts that we could not continue to grow and service our clients.

We turned to  Deborah at Advisor Touch. Deborah not only helped with our CRM system but she brought her years of experience in the industry to help  with other processes and initiatives.

I’m  finding  myself spending more time with clients  which is why I am in this business.

- Kirk H -


Santa Barbara, CA

Mercer Island, WA

- Jason C -


I implemented this system with a client eight weeks after my first session. This will save me literally hundreds of hours of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Peachtree City, GA

- Chris C -


Deborah and the AdvisorTouch Team are advisors of advisors, truly living out their mission to “improve the lives of financial advisors, their staff and their clients by helping them evolve their financial advisory businesses”.

We see advisors struggling to figure out how to get back to the work they love doing, which is helping clients. They’re struggling to figure out how to design and document their processes, how to create their document templates, which technology they should choose and how they and their staff work more efficiently. 

One of the most common things we hear is that they don’t want to reinvent the wheel and are looking for a system to help them resolve all these issues

It doesn't matter what your business model is or which institution you're affiliated with. Whether you're a solo advisor or working with a larger team of any size, we can help you.

There is a way out and we can help you.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.  

Are the workflows customizable in the CRM?

They are fully customizable. Each workflow is broken down into steps and each step has a detailed procedure included by role in firm. Firm roles included are senior advisor, junior advisor and administrative position (or team).

We work with all sizes of firms, institutions and technology companies. We have worked with new advisors starting their own firm, mid-size firms and large firms.


What size firm is this best for?

Do we need access to your CRM?

No. We do not have to access to your CRM so your data is kept private.

Do you also work with larger firms?

Yes. We have worked with some of the largest firms in the industry and provide custom engagements.




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Workflow Demo

Workflow Demo


Our Founder:

Deborah has been a practicing financial advisor since 1984 and is known nationally for her unique approach to holistic financial planning, wealth management services, and her specialty planning company, Fox College Funding LLC. She has been consulting with advisors for more than twenty years to help them unite and systemize their technology, human capital, practice management, and systems.

Deborah created AdvisorTouch (originally Fox Financial Planning Network) to solve a widespread industry problem: the lack of advisor adoption and implementation of available systems, tools, and technology.

Who Are We:

We believe in independence in all its forms. No matter what business model you have chosen, you deserve support to achieve the freedom to put your focus where it really matters—on your clients.

In 2009, Deborah Fox founded AdvisorTouch (then known as Fox Financial Planning Network) to redefine the traditional way of doing business for financial advisors.

As a successful advisor herself, Deborah and the rest of the AdvisorTouch team understand the daily challenges advisors like you face, and how to address them so your advisory practice can thrive.

As Deborah created a process-driven system to manage a lean and efficient organization of her own, she took the experiences she developed to deliver exceptional client service and standardized them to offer to other advisors.

In the modern landscape of rapidly changing technology and consistent challenges to financial advice professionals, the demands on your time from both clients and your internal team are becoming increasingly complex.

AdvisorTouch provides the flexibility your firm needs to integrate the key elements of your business, systematize your daily processes, and provide a higher level of service to your clients.

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Does it matter what type of model my firm is?

We are model and technology agnostic. We work with advisors that have all different models. Advisors that are independent RIAs, Hybrid models or affiliated with a Broker-Dealer.


It's an organized, documented system comprised of:

  • A well-designed service offering with defined client tiers.

  • An organized system of templates for both client-facing deliverables and back-office tasks. 

  • A carefully chosen technology stack.

  • Great processes programmed into a good CRM workflow engine.

  • The right people serving in the right roles.

What is a Practice Management System?

What is the Collaborative?

Comprehensive Workflows

The workflow system is built for you and already integrated into Redtail and Wealthbox CRMs so you can begin using it immediately as soon as we complete your installation.

Become More Efficient

Implement automated systems and processes to transform your entire firm. This enables you to do more in less time.

Documented Processes  

Having documented processes built into your CRM helps you meet your compliance requirements.  


Automated systems and processes can transform the way your entire firm operates each day.  


Our webinars cover many different topics throughout the year and may also include other subject matter experts. These are recorded and are available in The Collaborative.

Monthly Group Success Hours

Get new ideas and evolve into your best self with monthly group meetings. One-on-one consulting will also be provided as part of our Symphony program.

Why Would You Want to Create One?

  • Be able to work much more efficiently.

  • Dramatically increase the level of service you provide to your prospects and clients.

  • A carefully chosen technology stack that you can leverage daily.

  • Be able to easily track and document your work.

  • Have well-defined team roles.

  • Have documented processes to improve compliance.

Just some of the results you can experience:

Digital Document Template Library

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The Platform

The platform will provide the training, tools, templates, workflows and consulting to improve and systematize the delivery of your planning services.

Template library

Get access to a huge library of templates to use in all areas of your business that you can brand and customize. Over 300 customizable digital templates.


We have all seen the privacy issues on current social platforms such as Facebook that other organizations use because it's free. Our platform is a closed ecosystem that keeps the information of its members private.

Select the plan that suits you.  


Complete Workflow Library

NexGen Workflow Library

Total of 52 Workflows

We Install the Workflows in Redtail or Wealthbox 

Digital Document Template Library Over 300 customizable templates

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