Fox Financial Planning Network has rebranded to AdvisorTouch 


A new interactive social platform with the training, resources, tools & systems you need to run a great, efficient practice. 

Built On Our Artificial Intelligence and Bot-powered Genesis Smartware™ Platform



Introducing a new way to work together, socially. This is the first platform of its kind with true artificial machine learning.

  • A new generation of collaborative learning. Work and learn together with your peers while we provide you with the training and resources you need. 
  • We have been working with advisors and the institutions that serve them for many years.
  • So much more than just a community. We are also providing all the resources for the community to use right away.

The platform will provide the training, tools, templates, workflows and consulting to improve and systematize the delivery of your planning services.

Who is this for?


  • Want to have systems in place to run an efficient business.
  • Don't have a fully documented workflow system in place.
  • Have said things like "I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel".
  • Want to collaborate with & learn from a community of peers and experts.
  • Are not fully utilizing the technology you have.
  • Feel you're not working as efficiently as you should be.
  •  That your quality of advice could be improved if you had systems in place.

You would like to:

  • Improve Systems and Operations, Technology, Practice Management and Human Capital.
  • Implement an organized system of documented processes for both back office and client-facing activities.
  • Get access to a huge library of templates to use in all areas of your business that you can brand and customize.
  • Create a great client experience
  • Have a well-defined client value proposition
  • Offer a higher level of service for your clients.
  • Have a fully documented workflow system for your business.
  • Improve compliance by having documented processes in place.
  • Actually use your CRM to help run your practice. 

You want to have access to a collaborative environment:

  • One of the most common things we hear from advisors and their staff is that they would like to be able to share ideas and have access to other like-minded professionals. A community of experts and professionals to help you achieve your goals.
  • The comments we hear are "communities" and "networks" that are currently available mostly provide software discounts and access to a community but they don't provide the materials, resources and training that is needed to actually run a business and consistently provide excellent service to clients. 

You would appreciate consulting from industry experts:

You would benefit from access to a consultant that has the experience needed to run a financial planning business. Too many "consultants" may have never run a firm or have limited experience, which may have been many years ago -- Or they make claims that are just outright not true. You will be working with a consultant that has years of business as a financial advisor. 

You've been looking for an unbiased trusted resource:

  • Many organizations and consultants base their recommendations on companies and resources that they receive some type of compensation for without any transparency. It may be from consulting fees, speaking fees or even direct interests in the company. We don't do pay for play. We never receive any compensation, in any form, from the resources or recommendations we provide. Your best interest is our best interest.

What's Included:

The Collaborative:

  • You will have access to our expertise and valuable resources on our new platform. 
  • We are a combination of experts and professionals that can provide you with the answers and resources you need.
  • Ask questions within our communication channels. Our bots will assist you by searching our platform and deliver the information you requested directly to you. 

The Training, Tools, Resources and Materials You Need:

  • Training, consulting and materials on systems and operations, practice management, Technology and human capital including our workflows & processes library and our extensive customizable document template library.
  • Workflow system pre-built into Redtail CRM (more CRMs coming soon) and also in template format. 
  • Enhancing the client experience.
  • Defining team roles.
  • Create a written client value proposition.
  • How to specifically create service tiers.
  • Ideas for fee structures.
  • Lots of help with client touches.
  • Our digital template library has just under 400 customizable templates. They can all be branded and customized by you. 
  • The template library inculdes workflows, procedures, scripts, client meeting materials, client education materials, client action plans and more.
  • And much more!

Group Coaching

  • Group consulting with Deborah Fox -- a 30 year industry veteran and advisor with her own planning firm. She has consulted with many firms of all sizes, industry institutions and technology companies.
  • There will be live online interactive group sessions with video. They will be delivered virtually with 2 sessions per month to the group. The sessions will also be recorded and made available on the collaborative platform.
  • We will also have ongoing live webinars. (They will also be recorded) 
  • There will be opportunities to form collaborative mastermind groups.


Developed and delivered by Deborah Fox and her team. Deborah is a nationally recognized industry consultant for close to 20 years and a financial advisor with her own advisory firm for over 25 years. She is a thought leader, speaker and industry expert. We have worked with firms of all sizes including new to middle-sized firms and some of the largest prestigious firms in the country. We also provide our services to institutions such as technology companies, custodians, TAMPS and other financial institutions that serve advisors.

The Platform

Our platform allows you to interact within a collaborative community with access to content and ideas in an interactive learning environment

A Unique Tech Stack: We built our platform by integrating the Slack communication platform with our tech stack.

A Content Platform: We built a content management system into the platform where all the training, resources and materials will be housed. 

Artificial Intelligence: We've added artificial intelligence to the system and included bots to assist us and the community.

Workflow Engine: We added a workflow engine to the stack. This will assist everyone in the community with on-boarding, ongoing training and content delivery -- all delivered at the right time.

Private: We have all seen the privacy issues on current social platforms such as Facebook that other organizations use because it's free. Our platform is a closed ecosystem that keeps the information of its members private.

Social: The collaborative will have different channels (neighborhoods) for experienced advisors, newer advisors, operations and support staff. 

Code of Ethics: All members agree to a code of ethics to create a respectful environment. This platform is for advisors and their teams only. No trolls, no selling and no unacceptable behavior. Any violators will be removed.

Our New Interactive Collaborative Platform

  • Training sessions delivered each month on systematizing, building and creating a great business covering all areas of a practice
  • A six month process that we guide you through for adoption and implementation
  • Two group coaching sessions per month
  • Additioinal online webinars
  • Documented workflow system
  • Customizable template, document and tools library--Close to 400!
  • Workflows built into Redtail CRM
  • Workflows built into Wealthbox CRM 
  • Workflows templates that can be built into any CRM
  • Technology recommendations
  • Technology best practices
  • First of it's kind artificial Intelligence platform in the industry
  • AI bots to deliver program resources on demand-NO ONE HAS THIS!
  • Member only area to to access all the materials
  • Workflow engine integrated with ai and bots
  • Bots that are integrated with the ai and workflow engine for a truly unique delivery
  • The community will be able to share resources with each other
  • Ongoing updates with new templates and resources

Six monthly payments of $1,175 or a one-time payment of $6,500  

Beginning month 7 there will be a monthly membership fee of $149 per month for continued access (Can be cancelled at any time)