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  • Prospect Meeting 
  • New Client Onboarding
  • New Client Documentation  
  • Schedule a Meeting (All Planning Meetings)
  • Initial Planning Meeting 
  • Client Portal Set-Up 
  • Investment Planning Meeting
  • Insurance & Spending Planning Meeting 
  • Insurance Document Collection  
  • Outsource Insurance Analysis to an Insurance Professional 
  • Estate Planning Document Collection    
  • Estate Planning & Charitable Giving Meeting 
  • Outsource Estate Planning Analysis to an Estate Attorney    
  • Retirement Planning Meeting 
  • Financial Plan Delivery Meeting    
  • Review Meeting    
  • Readiness to Retire Meeting  
  • Company Retirement Plan 
  • Creating a Budget 
  • Education Loans    
  • Estate Plan Review Meeting v.2
  • Goal Setting Review
  • Investment Planning Meeting v.2 
  • Life Insurance Review  
  • Medical Insurance Review 
  • Owning a Pet
  • Paying Down High-Interest Debt 
  • Planning a Vacation 
  • Preparing to Live with Another Person   
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Review   
  • Purchasing a Home  
  • Purchasing or Leasing a Vehicle 
  • Securing a New Job  
  • Tax Planning    
  • New Client Opportunity or New Service Offering 
  • Client Account Transfer In 
  • Client Account Withdrawal Request 
  • Client Account Deposit  
  • Client Birthday List 
  • Client Change of Personal Information 
  • Client Death   
  • Client Medicare Open Enrollment
  • Client Mortgage Application or  Refinance 
  • Client Referral Gift  
  • Client Required Minimum Distribution 
  • Client Social Security Enrollment 
  • Client Tax Document Collection 
  • Client Termination
  • Monthly Newsletter Workflow 
  • Office Cleaning
  • Office Supplies Ordering 

Workflow and Digital Document Libraries

Workflow Categories

Each workflow is broken down into steps and each step has a detailed procedure included by role in firm. Firm roles included are senior advisor, junior advisor and administrative position (or team).

Each workflow is broken down into steps and each step has a detailed procedure with a reference within the step description as to whether it applies to an Advisor, Admin or Compliance.



What type of materials are in the digital template documents?

Over 300 digital, customizable, detailed documents.

  • Workflow Templates
  • Procedure templates
  • Checklists
  • Email Templates
  • Phone Scripts
  • Fee Calculator
  • Client Action Plans
  • Client Questionnaires
  • Client Meeting Materials
  • Client Education
  • Client Exercises
  • Client Visual Aides
  • Value Proposition
  • Using a Client Portal
  • Onboarding
  • Office Procedures
  • Company Retirement
  • Planning Tools
  • And much more

Example of the types of documents

Back office and planning areas

Our workflows pre-built and integrated into both platforms allowing seamless secure installation.

They are fully customizable once installed.